Commercial General Contractors in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is a beautiful city, and we are proud to be part of maintaining and growing commercial properties in the Triangle. Gateway Building Company is a local building company that understands the unique appeal and requirements of construction in Raleigh, NC. Our dedicated team has worked in every aspect of construction, including pre-construction planning, construction management, and commercial general contracting services.

Our passion for the region shows in everything we do because we care about building up the community with every project. Our clients are our neighbors, and we work hard to forge long-lasting relationships with every completed project and complete final satisfaction.

Helping You Grow

Every business looking for a commercial contractor in Raleigh, NC, deserves a partnership invested in their growth. We love to see when our work helps each client to thrive through either new constructions or maintaining and improving existing commercial properties. Our goal is to see you thrive using the improvements achieved by our general contracting success.

Our team includes commercial contracting experts to help you every step of the way.

Gateway Building Company - Commercial General Contractors In Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction planning begins with a consultation with the clients and subcontractors. This collaborative effort results in a unique plan for each project, highlighting the work to do and the teams available to do it. Your pre-construction plan will become a full-scale diagram and schedule so that each layer of your project is done in the right order and in the most efficient timeframe.

You will be closely involved in the construction planning phase by sharing your vision, budget, and specific project goals so that we can take these goals from the drawing board to the finish line. Our pre-planning process creates a plan that will help us do just that.

Gateway Building Company - Commercial General Contractors In Raleigh, NC

Value Engineering

Staying within a property owner's budget is essential, which can be challenging to achieve with too small of a margin. One of the best ways that Gateway Building Company can protect your budget is by value engineering. We will harness the essential design of your project while seeking opportunities to create greater value savings. These savings might be manufacturer deals on your roofing shingles, a more affordable choice for high-performance windows attuned to the Raleigh climate, or any number of cost-saving options that only an experienced general contractor could find or source.

Allow us to find the best value and price for your construction project. Our general contractors will ensure that you are satisfied with both the result, the final work, and the final cost of your commercial construction project.

Gateway Building Company - Commercial General Contractors In Raleigh, NC

Off-Site and On-Site Construction Management

Construction management happens at every level of the project, both with on-site management and off-site coordination. Your dedicated project manager and superintendent will provide the oversight necessary to complete your project in style, while other members of the Gateway Building Company team provide off-site services, including coordinating subcontractor schedules, securing licensing, and coordinating costs.

This also gives our clients a place to witness and get involved in the work, if they choose. Whether you prefer to monitor things hands-on or from a distance, our off-site and on-site construction management policies will keep you in the loop.

Gateway Building Company - Commercial General Contractors In Raleigh, NC

Project Coordination

Our commercial general contractors in North Carolina have been building a network of subcontractors for over 40 years. We know who can offer the best quality, efficiency, and products for every step of your project along the way. You can count on our expert coordination between client, design team, and subcontractors to ensure everyone is on the same page and your project and perfectly in tune to complete your project efficiently and to the highest degree of quality. 

Choose Gateway Building Company For Commercial General Contractors in Raleigh, NC

Gateway Building Company has served Raleigh, NC, and the Triangle for nearly half a decade. Our combined expertise and sterling record as a local general contractor stands for itself, unparalleled, and with many sources of referral to assure you that we are the right team for any job in the Triangle. If you are looking to hire a commercial general contractor with their own network of trusted subcontractors, excellent communication skills, and a local reputation for expert results with every project, you have found us.

Contact us to discuss the scope and details of your project, and we can get started on planning how to achieve your goals from day one. Gateway Building Company is proud to be a part of making and keeping Raleigh, NC, beautiful.

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