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Every building is a carefully balanced system of structure, function, and comfort. Bringing it all together into a construction project requires advanced planning and logistics with the help of coordinated experts. Pre-construction planning is essential for a successful construction project and is often necessary long before you are ready to break ground.

Whether you are preparing the site or pitching your building project for approval and financing, Gateway Building Company can offer integrated and innovative pre-construction planning services.

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Understanding the Pre-construction Process

Pre-construction involves the highly-detailed planning process for a construction project, from the first earthworks to the last fixture. A complete pre-construction plan includes the architectural design, site safety planning, sustainability evaluations, and lining up the suppliers and contractors to complete the project efficiently. Complete pre-construction allows you to plan, schedule, scope, and price your upcoming construction before committing directly to hiring the building teams to make it happen.

Gateway Building Company carries an Unlimited Class North Carolina license, with extensive experience in all aspects of construction, including precise pre-construction planning, construction management, and a commitment to collaborative solution-finding to plan the best process for your building's construction.

Discover What Pre-Construction Planning Services Can Do for You

Pre-construction provides detailed construction planning from beginning to end, considering the site, the client's design preferences and needs, and the budget available to complete the project. Our expert pre-construction team will work together to align your needs with locally available resources and services to give you a clear idea and implementable plan for how your construction will occur whenever you choose to break ground.

Materials & Equipment Procurement

Once the architectural plan is done, our pre-construction team will start to source the materials and equipment you will need to build. In today's supply chain environment, this means ensuring you will have the structural and finish materials required before the project begins. Additionally, we will procure the tools, vehicles, and large equipment necessary to complete each construction stage.

Project Cost Estimating

With the process and materials sourced, your pre-construction plan will frame a cost estimation based on the price of materials, equipment rental, and the cost of labor hours multiplied by staged time estimates.

Design Document Review & Audit

Pre-construction relies on detailed design documents. Our skilled pre-construction team will not only go by what is already designed but also provide a review and audit of the design to ensure that you have planned the most efficient, structurally sound, affordable, and internally satisfying building design possible.

Project Scheduling

How long will your construction project take? Pre-construction planning can tell you by breaking down the entire plan one stage at a time. Depending on your design, your pre-construction experts can sketch the most likely timeline for laying the foundation, frame, utilities, rooms, fixtures, and more so you have a clear view of your future construction schedule.

Safety Planning & Management

Safety planning is essential when preparing for a large construction project, and your pre-construction team will ensure that nothing is overlooked. Every lift project will have safety harnesses. Every outdoor path will have traction mats. Every stairwell will have a well-secured handrail. Pre-construction planning provides safety planning for the construction process and the building's safety when complete.

Value Engineering & Management

Lastly, our pre-construction planning team will look for opportunities to add value through superior design and save money by making more sensible decisions. Value engineering ensures that your building gets the most bang for your budget, with details like using your marble remnant as trim, getting a better deal from a supplier, or making the design more functional for no extra cost.

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