Commercial New Builds in Central North Carolina

Commercial New Build

Healing Paws

  • Location: Hillsborough, NC
  • Size: 5,600 SF
  • Owner: Vets Pets, PA & Affiliates

New construction shell and fitup for North Carolina-based manager of vet hospitals. Coordinated with owner-contracted site package to deliver completed interior space at the same time as final site completion. Extensive interior millwork and hospital-grade finishes at treatment areas.

Commercial New Build

Penguin Place

  • Location: Pittsboro, NC
  • Size: 15,400 SF
  • Owner: Ron Strom

Full site development on 3 acres with three shell buildings. Extensive exterior finishes ranging from polished block, to veneer stone, to metal panels. Reworked structural steel package for value engineering savings with minimal effect on schedule.

You may be a small business ready to make the move from a rental space to one of your own, or perhaps you cannot find the right warehouse or facility to fit your growing business needs. You may need a custom space, tailor-made to fit your business’s needs. Whatever the reason, a commercial new build may be right for you. At Gateway Building Company, based in Durham, North Carolina, we have exactly what businesses looking for commercial new builds need to have a new location constructed with them in mind.

Getting Started On The Right Foot

To ensure your new commercial build goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, Gateway Building Company offers detailed pre-construction planning services. Pre-construction planning is essential for making sure all the moving pieces work together in your commercial building project.

Pre-construction provides detailed construction planning from beginning to end, considering the site, the client's design preferences and needs, and the budget available to complete the project. Our expert pre-construction team will work together to align your needs with locally available resources and services to give you a clear idea and implementable plan for how your construction will occur whenever you choose to break ground.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Materials and equipment procurement
  • Project cost estimation
  • Design document reviews and auditing
  • Project scheduling
  • Safety planning and management
  • Value engineering and value management

All pre-construction plans are tailor-made to your new build and take into account the unique requirements of your project site.

Over 250 Years of Combined Experience

With over 250 years of combined experience, our team utilizes a wide variety of skills to ensure success on your commercial building project.

Gateway Building Company holds an Unlimited Class North Carolina license, and our team has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial new construction processes and best practices.

How Our Commercial Building Process is Designed

When you choose Gateway Building Company for your new commercial building project, our experienced team will work with you from pre-construction planning all the way to finishing touches. Our construction management service team will oversee all the details, from budgeting, schedules, safety planning, installation quality, and the functionality of your commercial building. 

Working with Gateway Building Company's construction management means you won't have to worry about your project, as our team will ensure everything is installed safely and according to your architectural plan.


During the pre-construction phase, our pre-construction planning team will hash out the important details to prevent roadblocks from halting construction midway. As the saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." We will work with you to make sure permits are applied for, project costs are accurate, design documents have been reviewed, and more.


Last, but not least, Gateway will conduct the construction phase to ensure your commercial building is built according to plan. We pride ourselves on effective communication, efficiency, and quality workmanship. With Gateway Building Company as your general contractor, you can rest easy knowing that our team is turning your vision into reality.

Contact us at Gateway Building Company to learn more about our commercial construction services, or to schedule a consultation with us.

Let's Talk About Your Commercial New Build Project

Our first meeting is a consultation to discuss your project, vision, timeline and budget. We discuss the best path forward to make your project a reality.

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