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People Really Like Us!

“One thing I like about Gateway is their team approach. It’s more of a relationship with subcontractors, and that’s what we are, we’re a subcontractor for them, and relationships don’t work unless it works both ways. And it works both ways with Gateway. They work with you. You don’t work for them.”

Russ Harmon, WASPO Corp

“In working with Gateway, I’ve always found that it’s just a very relaxed, friendly environment. It’s very comfortable, and still, of course, professional, but I’ve never experienced it being a stressful environment.”

Meredith Pittman, Ellen Cassilly Architect Inc.

“We have every dime we’ve ever earned in our careers in this project, and it was really important that it go well, get delivered timely, and come in on budget.

We’re really proud of what we ended up delivering. The Gateway team was a critical part of getting this project delivered the way we envisioned it.”

Stacey Poston, Grub Durham

“Four and a half years ago, unfortunately, we had a pretty devastating fire. Gateway and Jack are the team that put us back together after the fire in an amazing frame of time that other people said they could not do.”

Jennings Brody, Parker & Otis

“As someone that learned construction later on in life, I have learned a lot from working with Gateway. They’re just a source of knowledge, and they’ve made me feel very comfortable, like part of the family.”

Alicia Hylton-Daniel, Hylton-Daniel Design + Construction

"Gateway gets it done <period>. They are currently working on a major commercial renovation project for my company & I remain incredibly impressed with their integrity, responsiveness, job quality, and helpful attitude. The entire project started off with a handshake from Jack, which in my book is as solid as gold. I wish more were like them."

Lou Gray, Developer

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