Hospitality Construction in Central North Carolina

Gateway Building Company has completed several construction projects to create beautiful spaces for businesses in the hospitality industry. View some of our completed works below.



  • Location: Durham, NC
  • Size: 7,260 SF
  • Owner: Scott Howell, Brad and Graham Weddington

High-end steakhouse concept in new shell space next to DPAC. Challenging kitchen layout under mezzanine private dining requiring custom hood ductwork and 100 foot long stainless steel exhaust duct run to roof in space-limited courtyard. restaurant construction | Gateway Building Company

restaurant construction | Gateway Building Company

hosprestaurant construction | Gateway Building Companyitality construction | Gateway Building Company

restaurant construction | Gateway Building Company

restaurant construction | Gateway Building Company

restaurant construction | Gateway Building Company


Fount Coffee

  • Location: Morrisville, NC
  • Size: 2,200 SF
  • Owner: Kristen and Shawn Preissner, Katie Godfrey, George Kilgore

First time interior fitup in new shell shopping center. Simple, modern, and functional design with tight coordination of Owner’s equipment package. hospitality construction | Gateway Building Company

hospitality construction | Gateway Building Company

hospitality construction | Gateway Building Company


Hospitality Construction

Hospitality projects are often complex processes requiring a lot of coordination and attention to key details. If you have been considering starting a hospitality business but are discouraged by the complexity of the whole process, Gateway Building Company, which serves Raleigh and its surrounding areas, is ready to build every step of the way. Read more on the key elements that should not be overlooked when undertaking a hospitality construction project.

Key Elements of a Hospitality Construction Project

Since hospitality is a fast-paced sector and an attractive investment option, there are key elements that need to be captured for the projects to be successful. Let us discover them:

1. Compliance with Local Rules and Regulations

Hospitality compliance is a top priority for any construction project in the sector. To avoid accidents at the project site or penalization from government inspections, we adhere to local construction guidelines and regulations of the area where the project is being built. We conduct all the necessary research regarding relevant building permits to ensure we stay on the good side of the law. As Gateway Building Company, we factor in the various legal issues to ensure that the construction complies with updated laws within the hospitality sector.

2. Quality Control of Hospitality Design Standards

Ultimately, it all comes down to maintaining high customer satisfaction with the finished project. As Gateway Building Company, we follow the specifications of the project to ensure that its quality is assured. During hospitality construction, a primary concern is the strict adherence to standards required by the client. Our management team ensures that there is no deviation from the initial design. We also conduct regular inspections during construction to ensure all quality requirements are met. As our client, we give you compiled progress reports to keep you informed throughout the project. This also ensures that customer satisfaction levels remain high.

3. Strategic Planning for Smooth Project Execution

Hospitality developments require strategic planning. It is inevitable to have the right planning before starting. It is important to have a clear outline of the licenses, equipment, legal fees, insurance, and any other inventory at the start of the project. The plan should also communicate the project description, requirements, milestones to be achieved at each phase, deliverables, and an escalation path in case of a problem.

4. Effective Communication with Relevant Stakeholders

Communication is paramount during a hospitality construction project. This element ensures that informed decisions are made and details are finalized within the stipulated time. We conduct meetings with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and also to track the project’s overall progress. As a result, we communicate with our clients to ensure that the project plan aligns with the project requirements. Even after completion of the project, the client is given a project file that communicates all the necessary information and technical specifications.

5. Finding the Right Hospitality Construction Contractor

Often this is the most vital element that determines whether a project will be successful or not. Working with the right professionals will eliminate the risks of losing money in the future. Construction management services such as Gateway Building Company have been renowned for their good reputation and quality craftsmanship. Our builders have extensive experience and a successful track record from past projects. As a general contractor, we will offer you several solutions under one roof, including the contacts of vendors of hospitality essentials.

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Gateway Building Company has participated in building successful hospitality projects across North Carolina. To see our past hospitality projects, check out our portfolio.

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