Corporate Interior Construction in Central North Carolina

Corporate Interior


  • Location: Durham, NC
  • Size: 18,025 SF
  • Owner: Spoonflower

Challenging interior fitup for Spoonflower corporate headquarters, including demo of existing lab space, new office pods with structural steel mezzanine spaces, and residential style photography studio for client photoshoots. Creative finishes used to compliment Spoonflower-made wallpaper and textiles.

Corporate Interiors

Summit Engineering

  • Location: Hillsborough, NC
  • Size: Building A: 16,800 SF, Building C: 11,400 SF
  • Owner: Summit Design and Engineering

New construction shell and interior fitup for Summit's corporate headquarters. Extensive interior glazing, efficient design, and focus on collaborative work spaces. Lab building specialized in materials testing equipment.

Corporate interior design is highly tailored to a business's needs, flow, and style. From welcoming lobbies to high-tech production labs, your fit-out requires a construction team with innovative and expedient performance. As experienced corporate interior contractors, Gateway Building Company we work directly with our clients to ensure that every detail of your interior fit-out is completed to your unique specifications.

You can rely on fast, safe, and top-quality construction with results that will speak for themselves. Gateway Building Company is proud to provide renovations and interior redesign throughout the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Primary Corporate Interior Construction Services

Corporate interior construction is comprehensive, allowing our team to meet each client's specific needs and design vision. Our services range from demolition and framing to acoustic panel design.

Selective Demolition

The interior walls of corporate buildings are constantly subject to change. If you want a new floorplan, big or small, selective demolition makes this a fast possibility.

Drywall Finishing

Add, complete, or improve drywall in any area of your building. Corporate interior contractors make it easy to add walls, create offices, and define shared with drywall finishing.

Metal Stud Framing

Define new structures to be finished with glass, drywall, or other materials starting with metal stud framing. See your design take shape before it is complete.


Every corporate space requires gallons of paint to complete. Getting the right paint formula for long-lasting beautiful finishes of just the right color and sheen can be quickly done with corporate interior contractors.

Doors and Hardware

Add or replace doors and door hardware anywhere in your building. Update your handles, install smart locks, or upgrade your hinges for a smoother swing. Restyle your space with new doors or rehang the doors you have.

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustics matter a great deal in a commercial interior setting. Reduce echoes, increase privacy, and add style to your space with acoustic panels and ceiling design.

Essential Elements Included in Corporate Interior Construction Projects

Corporate construction projects are a multi-step process followed with expert skill and professionalism.

Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction planning is when our team works closely with the client to ensure that your vision translates into an actionable plan. In this phase, we will visualize, budget, and sketch out a project timeline to ensure every detail is correct.

Value Engineering

The next phase is to seek opportunities to optimize the client's budget, checking for manufacturing rebates and practical adjustments that can significantly affect the budget. Gateway Building Company's commercial construction services will help you get the results you want for a lower cost through value engineering.

Off-Site and On-Site Construction Management

As the project gets underway, we will provide the benefit of both an off-site construction manager optimizing from our hub and an on-site manager ensuring that every step is performed with efficiency and utmost quality.

Project Coordination

Finally, we will coordinate with every subcontractor that will play a role in the project. We will keep everyone on the same page by ensuring that each team is scheduled for the most efficient times and is ready to play their part.

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Your corporate interior deserves the highest quality construction contractors to achieve your vision. For businesses in the Triangle area of North Carolina, Gateway Building Company will provide vision, innovation, potential cost-savings, and expert construction services that your space deserves. We will bring your vision to life with the latest techniques and a process custom-tailored to your design needs. Contact us today to request a meeting and begin planning your new corporate interior.

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