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Good management is critical for a successful construction project. Construction requires the coordination of many suppliers, contractors, and sub-contractors. It requires advanced schedule balancing, budget optimization, communication, and the ability to handle potential setbacks with professional clarity. When investing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars into a construction project, you need to know that it's in good hands.

At Gateway Building Company we hold an Unlimited Class North Carolina license and have extensive experience in every aspect of construction processes and practices, from pre-construction planning to the finishing touches on commercial construction venues. Our construction management teams are dedicated to ensuring your building goes up with the highest efficiency and quality.

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What is Construction Management?

Construction management services oversee all activities and materials that go into successful construction projects. Our construction management team handles the budget, schedule, safety planning, installation quality, and final functionality of your building - ensuring that everything built and installed is in accordance with the architectural plan and functional vision.

The construction manager's responsibility is to the owner, and their core goal is to achieve a successful project that is sound and satisfactory in every way.

Construction Project Manager Job Description & Key Functions

A construction manager's job is to ensure everything is done according to plan, on time, and with the best possible result. The planning documents serve as their guide, but they function in the real world of suppliers, contractors, weather systems, and scheduling. We work to ensure the building goes up according to plan, as close to on time and on budget as possible. Our team will coordinate the procurement of supplies and the scheduling of contractors, taking responsibility for safety and performance. Construction management services also provide critical progress reports to the owner, using oversight to convey how the work is going and consult should any changes need to be made due to supplier and schedule changes or unforeseen design opportunities.

Construction Management Phases

What goes into construction management? Your construction manager will be at the head of the project from the very beginning so they can best guide each planning and implementation phase for the most successful outcome.


The planning phase is where the owner conveys their goals and budget for the project, and the initial plans are made. This is where our construction manager gains an understanding of the project's purpose, how it will be used, and the needs that should be met regarding everything from structural integrity to the final look and feel of the finished space.


Pre-construction planning is when the initial plan is transformed into a schedule, a list of suppliers, and a realistic budget based on the breakdown of each stage necessary to bring the building into existence from the foundation up.


During the construction phase, our construction manager will take the helm, coordinating contractors and overseeing expenses to ensure that the owner's goals, budget, and priorities are met at every point. We will ensure every stage is done with quality and look for opportunities to optimize the design, budget, or schedule on behalf of the owner.


Lastly, our construction management services will ensure that the building is complete and satisfactory from roof to basement, including utilities and finishing touches, before handing over the keys to the owner along with detailed project information and close-out documents like manuals, warranties, as-builts, close-out ledgers, property insurance, and sometimes training the owner to make use of their property's equipment and features.

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Gateway Building Company is proud to offer end-to-end expert construction management services. We work closely with site and building owners throughout North Carolina in Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, RTP, Triangle, Wake Forest, and beyond. Our construction management teams are ready to oversee your project's efficiency and ensure satisfaction from the first planning meetings to the final close-out, keeping your building project on budget, on time, and optimizing the fulfillment of your priorities in both form and function.

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