Healthcare Construction in Central NC

Gateway Building Company has completed several construction projects within the Healthcare industry. View some of our completed projects below.

Health Care

Skin Wellness Dermatology

  • Location: Durham, NC
  • Size: 3,288 SF
  • Owner: Dr. Brooke Jackson

Interior upfit of a first generation shell for a dermatology office including exam rooms, labs and office space.

Health Care

Durham Dentistry

  • Location: Durham, NC
  • Size: 2,800 SF
  • Owner: Dr. Macon Sapp

Complete interior rebuild after devastating fire. Updated finishes from original floor plan and worked with insurance company for efficient re-opening of the practice.

Design and quality are essential when building a healthcare facility. The quality of your building and the tailored nature of the design will shape both the ease of providing care and the quality of care you can provide within a building. At Gateway Building Company, we know this because we have constructed and maintained several healthcare facilities throughout Durham, NC, and the greater Triangle area.

Our design and construction team is ready to ensure that your healthcare facility is beautiful, ergonomic to provide care, and uplifting to those who work or receive care within its walls. We invite you to explore some of our completed healthcare construction projects below as a display of our dedication to quality healthcare spaces and inspiration for what might make your facility welcoming and efficient when complete.

Where Healthcare Construction is Headed Today

Healthcare facilities represent a highly specialized branch of construction. As a healthcare construction company, we are not just creating rooms for office furniture but sterile yet comfortable spaces where specific medical care will take place. Modern construction materials, methods, and integrated technology make it possible to make each healthcare construction unique to its intended purpose and the care that will take place there.

Private medical facilities today focus on providing the best care to the local community, helping patients stay out of the hospital and get healthy as quickly as possible in a comfortable, private environment. Gateway Building Company is ready to use the latest construction methods and technology to create your ideal medical care space.

Key Elements of a Healthcare Construction Project

What makes a healthcare construction project successful? Let's look at the immediate and long-term goals for building or renovating a new healthcare facility.

Supporting Core Care Functions

Your healthcare building design should focus on supporting core care functions - the checkups, procedures, or therapies offered by your team. This may mean support for complex machinery inside each appointment room or interchangeable rooms that serve many purposes. You may want a comforting and ergonomic waiting room, child-friendly spaces, integrated workstations, and hospitality-grade guest care technology to facilitate the best care you provide.

Evidence-Based Design

Evidence-based design in healthcare facilities is a design that has been optimized through the study of efficiency and care quality in hospitals. How traffic moves through your halls, where and how things are stored, how workstations are built; every detail plays a role in the quality of care you can provide and the experience of your staff and patients.

A Long-Term Plan to Support Your Facility Over Its Lifecycle

Construction is never the end of your work with contractors. At Gateway Building Company, we know this and can build a long-term plan to support your facility in the many years of service to come. We will proudly become your go-to source for building maintenance, upgrades, and renovations over the years, with the benefit of working with a team not only familiar with the design but fully knowledgeable of every installation date and detail.

Innovation and Collaboration

Of course, what will make your healthcare facility truly unique is working together with designers to innovate the ideal space? You have the insights on what your particular healthcare services will require, while we have the expertise to build your needs into an innovative design. Through collaboration, we can ensure that every healthcare facility we build or renovate uniquely suits the client's needs using cutting-edge technology, materials, methods, and custom-tailored designs.


Lastly, as a healthcare construction company, Gateway Building Company can help your facility achieve both sustainable construction and long-term sustainability. We are dedicated to energy efficiency, water conservation, non-toxic materials, and reducing the carbon footprint for every commercial construction project. We are also familiar with the ideal sustainability choices specific to North Carolina.

Request More Information About Healthcare Construction From Gateway Building Company

Gateway Building Company proudly offers personalized healthcare construction services to providers throughout Durham, NC, and the Triangle. If you are planning to build or renovate a healthcare facility, our experts are ready to help you design, plan, and construct the ideal facility for your care services.

Explore the healthcare facilities we have worked on in the past for inspiration, or bring us your unique vision for a facility that meets the requirements of comfort, efficiency, and technological innovation that your team and patients require. We will be honored to bring your plans for a new healthcare construction to life. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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