Commercial Contractor vs General Contractor

All construction projects face unique challenges, and having the right type of contractor for the building makes it easier to overcome these challenges. As the name suggests, a commercial contractor specializes in commercial projects, such as offices, restaurants, and retail buildings. General contractors work primarily on residential buildings.

Gateway Building Company is the leading commercial general contractor in North Carolina. We are experienced in all facets of construction, such as preconstruction planning, construction management, and commercial general contracting. Contact us today to request a meeting.

In this piece, we’ll delve into the purpose of each contractor type and clarify their roles and responsibilities. Take the chance to optimize your project by choosing the right contractor. 

What Does a General Contractor Do?

While both commercial and general contractors deal with construction projects, they operate in diverse environments. A general contractor will primarily work on residential projects like houses. Residential and commercial construction projects operate at different levels and under varying levels of regulation, further separating these two construction facets. 

One of the reasons general construction projects tend to cost less is that they do not need as many permits. Furthermore, they do not require a high volume of materials. A lot of materials are needed for general construction projects but not nearly as much as for commercial projects like like supermarkets or office buildings.. 

A general contractor:

  • Manages various construction projects
  • Builds houses and other residential projects
  • Must adhere to all residential building regulations and codes

What Does a Commercial Contractor Do?

Commercial contractors like Gateway Building Company work on commercial buildings such as supermarkets, business parks, and warehouses. Commercial buildings are usually larger than residential buildings. This means they require more permits and materials than residential buildings. 

A commercial contractor:

  • Manages various construction projects
  • Builds commercial and public buildings.
  • Must adhere to commercial building regulations and codes

Commercial Industries We Service

Below are some of the commercial industries serviced by Gateway Building Company:

  • Corporate Interiors: Corporate interior building is comprehensive and requires a professional team. Gateway Building Company works with its clients to ensure every aspect of their interior fit-out is tailored to their specifications. 
  • Franchise Construction: At Gateway Building Company, we specialize in creating, planning, and constructing commercial projects for any business in the Dunham market. We provide comprehensive construction services to franchise owners and franchisees
  • Healthcare Construction: Gateway Building Company has finished several construction projects for various clients in the healthcare industry. Our expert team is ready to ensure your healthcare facility is aesthetically pleasing and uplifting to those who work or receive care within those walls. 
  • Hospitality Construction: Gateway Building Company has done several building projects for clients in the hospitality industry
  • Industrial Construction: When dealing with industrial construction projects, you need an experienced team to meet your needs. Gateway Building Company is the best choice for industrial projects in the Triangle and surrounding areas of North Carolina. 
  • Commercial New Build: Gateway Building Company has finished various new commercial building projects for clients in North Carolina. 
  • Institutional Construction: Gateway Building Company has completed various institutional building projects for multiple clients in North Carolina. 
  • Adaptive Reuse and Historical Renovation: Gateway Building Company has a team of experts that can repurpose existing structures for new and different uses while maintaining their historical significance. 

How We Approach Commercial Construction

What goes into a commercial construction project? Below are the stages involved in commercial construction.


The planning stage is where the owner details their objectives and the construction project’s budget so we can make initial plans. 


In the preconstruction stage, the initial plan is converted into a schedule, a suppliers’ list, and a practical budget based on an analysis of each stage of the construction project.


During the construction stage, our construction manager will manage expenses and organize contractors to meet your budget, priorities, and objectives. We will ensure everything is done with utmost professionalism and look for any opportunities for improvement. 


Finally, our construction team will thoroughly inspect the building to ensure it meets our high standards and adheres to all applicable codes and regulations before giving the keys to you, along with relevant close-out documents like warranties, manuals, as-builts, and close-out ledgers. 

Commercial Contractors in North Carolina

Gateway Building Company is your ideal commercial contractor. We work closely with building and site owners throughout North Carolina to ensure you get a building you love. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial construction services.


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