What Can a General Contractor Do

Construction projects can be challenging. Professionals from different disciplines and trades need to work together to achieve the common goal. For a construction project to be successful, one person or company needs to be responsible for managing all the subcontractors involved. This is where an expert in general contracting services like Gateway Building Company comes in.

So, what can a general contractor do for you? Let’s explore the roles of general contractors, what a commercial general contractor is, and when you might need their services.

What is a General Contractor For?

A general contractor is a person or company in charge of supervising and coordinating a construction project. A general contractor is necessary for the success of any remodeling or building project. While a general contractor usually has a construction superintendent, a project manager, and laborers, they will likely need to hire subcontractors to do most of the work. Thus, they bridge communication between subcontractors and the project owner, engineer, architect, and other parties.

Roles of a General Contractor

A general contractor is the go-between for the property owner and everyone involved in bringing the building to life. So, what can a general contractor do for you? The general contractor will be there from the planning to the implementation phase, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

  • Planning: This is where the general contractor better understands the property owner’s goals, and initial plans are made.
  • Pre-Construction: Here, the general contractor will work with the property owner and other parties involved in the construction project to turn the initial plans into a schedule and develop a practical budget based on the project’s parameters.
  • Construction: During this phase, a general contractor will coordinate with subcontractors and manage expenses to meet the property owner’s goals and priorities.
  • Close-Out: Lastly, a general contractor will ensure that the building has been completed according to the owner’s specifications before handing over the keys, along with a detailed project document and close-out documents like property insurance, manuals, and close-out ledgers.

What is a Commercial General Contractor?

A commercial general contractor specializes in commercial buildings. These construction projects can range from interior remodels to ground-up construction. A commercial construction project will require the organization and supervision of various moving parts to keep things on track, and that’s where a commercial general contractor like Gateway Building Company can help with your next project.

Below are some responsibilities of a commercial general contractor:

  • Developing a budget
  • Acquiring the necessary permits
  • Ensuring compliance with zoning and building code regulations.
  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Hiring subcontractors
  • Procuring equipment and materials

When Would I Need a Commercial Contractor?

There are several situations in which you would need a commercial contractor, including the following:

  • You’re planning a major expansion or renovation: A commercial contractor like Gateway Building Company can simplify the process. With our expertise and experience, you can be sure the project will be completed to your specifications.
  • You’re constructing a new commercial building: A commercial contractor would oversee the entire process from start to finish, ensuring the building adheres to the highest quality standards.
  • The project is complex and involves multiple subcontractors. A major construction project needs a skilled team of experts to execute the various stages of construction properly.
  • You want to stay on budget: A commercial contractor has a wealth of knowledge to help you stay on budget. At Gateway Building Company, we can offer advice on how to cut costs without sacrificing quality to ensure the project stays within budget.

Commercial General Contracting in North Carolina

General contractors are the backbone of any construction project. At Gateway Building Company, our commitment, expertise, and dedication to project success are unmatched. Our team is knowledgeable in all the facets of construction and is committed to collaborative solution-finding. Request a meeting today to learn more about the roles of a general contractor.

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