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What Are the Benefits of Fast-Track Construction Projects?

When considering a new construction project, you can take several methods to map out the project plan from start to finish. One popular time-saving method is known as fast-track construction, which involves completing multiple parts of a project at the same time. This type of project may seem daunting or overwhelming initially. However, the benefits of fast-track construction often outweigh the drawbacks when a proper plan is developed to ensure project success.

Fast-Track Construction Explained

So, what is fast-track construction? Fast-track construction is a strategy for construction projects that involves beginning construction on some parts while the design of other parts is still being completed. This speeds up the process as multiple steps can be completed simultaneously when ready instead of waiting for the entire design phase to be complete. The construction process, from design until completion, is broken down into parts instead of phases, and then each part goes through the typical phases at its own pace.

A common example of fast-tracking construction is completing the foundation of a building before the design is finalized. There is usually a point in the design phase where the dimensions of the building are known, but the details are still being put together. As more and more details are complete, the construction can continue while the design process is ongoing.

Benefits of Fast-Track Construction

One of the most obvious benefits of fast-track construction is that it saves time by allowing multiple project parts to be completed simultaneously. This accelerated project schedule can offer more than a faster turn-around time. Projects designed to fulfill an immediate market demand will be able to do so sooner and increase the return on investment in a short period.

Fast-track construction projects have decreased costs compared to other project schedules. This can be attributed to multiple factors. If multiple parts of a project are being worked on simultaneously, construction materials can be purchased early on. This can reduce the impact of inflation and rising materials costs on the overall project budget. Additionally, the project’s shorter time frame will reduce labor costs.

Choosing a Fast-Track General Contractor

Because fast-tracking construction can become complicated, it’s important to have an experienced contractor who knows how to build a strategy for specialized projects. Organization is key to the success of a fast-track construction project.

At Gateway Building Company, we offer construction management services to help your fast-track project go smoothly. Our management services will help you with planning, pre-construction, construction, and project close-out. Our team will work with you to determine the best way to juggle multiple parts of the project at a time and optimize your project schedule for expedited completion.

Choose Gateway Building Company for Your Construction Projects

If you’re ready to get started on your next construction project, our team at Gateway Building Company is ready to help. Our services help to manage every aspect of your project, including budgeting, balancing schedules, communication, and more. Whether you would like to fast-track your construction project or arrange the schedule differently, our team has the experience to create the best plan for your needs.

At Gateway Building Company, we hold an Unlimited Class North Carolina license and offer years of experience in the construction industry. We are headquartered in Durham, NC, and have expanded to the surrounding areas, including RTP, Chatham, Person, Wake, Alamance, Johnston, Orange, Franklin, Moore, and Vance Counties. To get started, contact us to schedule your first meeting and see how our team can meet your project goals.

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