The Importance of Integrated Project Delivery

As a construction company, Gateway Building understands the challenge of delivering efficient, cost-effective, and timely projects in North Carolina. Traditional project delivery methods can fall short with the growing complexity of construction projects. But there’s a solution – Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). This innovative approach is changing the game for construction management, and Gateway Building …

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Gateway Building Company - How To Choose A General Contractor

How to Hire the Right Commercial Contractor for Your Project

Do you have land or a property that you are ready to build a commercial property on or renovate an existing commercial space? This investment is important to you because the design and construction quality will shape your commercial property’s appeal, efficiency, and profitability. So, how do you choose the right commercial contractor for the …

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What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a service where a specialized third-party company provides a property owner or tenant with effective management of any project, schedule, costs, quality, and safety. Some property owners should not be expected to supervise their own projects as they might not have the appropriate experience or expertise. Construction management handled by professionals ensures …

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