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How to Hire the Right Commercial Contractor for Your Project

Do you have land or a property that you are ready to build a commercial property on or renovate an existing commercial space? This investment is important to you because the design and construction quality will shape your commercial property’s appeal, efficiency, and profitability. So, how do you choose the right commercial contractor for the job?

Good question. If you are having trouble finding a qualified commercial contractor, Gateway Building Company has the solution for you. Our contractors have unique specialties, skills, experience, and project histories. You can use the following tips to help determine which commercial construction contractor will be the right fit for your project.

Considerations for Hiring the Right Commercial Contractor

Each contractor team is made of different people that specialize in various project areas. Some may excel at retail but may have never built a medical facility. Some may split the difference smoothly between construction and detailed landscaping. Others can be skyscraper specialists with towering office buildings in their portfolio, and some specialize in boutique bespoke design. 

No matter the type of commercial project, you can use a few tried-and-true methods to discover skilled, high-quality contractors with experience within your project’s scope.

Explore Their Full Scope of Services

The first step of every project is determining the scope. Every team has work that they do, don’t do, and work on the peripheral of what they have experience with. Many smaller commercial construction contractor teams only do renovations and remodeling, while some teams only do new constructions. Some lack an interior design division, and some may only cover construction but not the clean-up. 

Always explore the full scope of a contractor’s services and whether their scope fully covers the needs of your project.

Review Their Portfolio & Check References

Make sure your contractor’s finished work meets your standards and style. You can do this by checking out their previous body of work. Most contractors keep a portfolio of images and some details about previous projects they have completed. From there, you can also ask for a list of references from previous clients to whom you can speak.

Checking the references of a commercial construction contractor will tell you not only whether their portfolio is comprehensive and trustworthy, but also what the team is like to work with through the lens of those who have worked with them before.

Inquire About Their Time & Budget Management Process

The time and budget management process is essential to come in on time and within budget. Reputable companies have an established system to keep commercial construction projects within the bounds established and agreed upon by the client.

This is also a reflection of the organization, as time & budget management also tie into efficiently scheduling teams and specialists to complete your project without any issues. You want to be sure you’re working with qualified professionals when every detail is precisely managed, and you can see the system they use to manage it.

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Review Their Safety Record

Safety is crucial and non-negotiable in construction. Throughout the history of modern construction, you can see a chain of innovations in things like fall protection, ground covers, safe lifts, and more. 

Your construction team’s safety record should reflect their priorities and precision regarding their team’s safety and the completion of your project. A commercial construction contractor’s safety record represents their attention to detail and dedication to safety measures and project management at every stage of your project.

Do They Focus on Commercial Projects?

In construction, there is a significant difference between residential and commercial projects. Many construction contractors can work entirely in the residential sector and have little experience in commercial. While many skills cross over between building homes and business, commercial construction has a large number of special considerations and skills that a residential team will not have experience with. 

Does the General Contractor Have Experience with Your Industry?

Each industry has unique construction requirements. Teams that have worked with your type of business before will have more comprehensive knowledge, operations, and insights to ensure your project yields great results. Ask each contractor team that you consider about their previous experience in projects of your industry, scope, and specific needs.

Commercial Construction Services in Durham North Carolina

Building or renovating a commercial property is an investment worth the time it can take to ensure every detail is perfect. Choosing the right commercial contractor for the job will define the efficiency and quality of the final result. Quality is everything when the result is a facility that hundreds or thousands of people will use.

At Gateway Building Company we are a team of dedicated commercial contractors with experience across the board. Contact us today to book your first meeting if you need commercial construction in North Carolina. 

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