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Modular Construction Vs. Traditional Construction

When constructing a new building, there are many methods that can be used. You can use precast panels, flat slabs, or steel beams. You can start with the basement, a deep foundation, build on the pier and beam, or modular pieces. Modular construction involves sections of the building being factory-assembled and perfected before being transported …

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Getting an Accurate Construction Estimate

Receiving an accurate construction estimate is essential to predicting your costs and timeline for any commercial construction project. From updates and renovations to new buildings, your estimate should help you make decisions based on budget and schedule. However, over 40% of contractors are not confident in their estimates. The reason is that getting a good …

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What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a service where a specialized third-party company provides a property owner or tenant with effective management of any project, schedule, costs, quality, and safety. Some property owners should not be expected to supervise their own projects as they might not have the appropriate experience or expertise. Construction management handled by professionals ensures …

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pre construction planning

The Importance of Pre-Construction Planning

Starting a new construction project can be difficult. You will need to both plan for and track the progress of many things throughout your project. This is where pre-construction planning comes in. While it may not seem important, pre-construction planning can lay the foundation for your entire project. What is Pre-Construction Planning? Pre-construction planning is …

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