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The Importance of Pre-Construction Planning

Starting a new construction project can be difficult. You will need to both plan for and track the progress of many things throughout your project. This is where pre-construction planning comes in. While it may not seem important, pre-construction planning can lay the foundation for your entire project.

What is Pre-Construction Planning?

Pre-construction planning is an integral part of any construction project. Planning how you will complete the project allows you to consider the steps you need to take, your budget, materials, how the work will be divided, and more.

During the pre-construction phase, you will need to create a plan and list action items required to complete the construction process. 

Key Components of Pre-Construction Planning

Many variables must be considered when creating a plan for your construction project. As you plan, include these crucial elements for a successful construction project.


Define the scope of your project. What are you trying to accomplish? When does your project need to be completed? How many personnel are required for each phase? Consider what you need to complete the project and any limitations that may get in the way of your success.


Once you have defined the scope of your project, consider the budget you will have to work with. Are your goals attainable with the budget you have? What can you do to cut costs while still meeting the standards of your project? Have your construction team and design team work together to determine prices, alternative ways to save money, and track spending.


When you have determined the scope and budget of your project, your teams can begin to flesh out the details of the project, such as a floor plan, size, style, building materials, and more.


Based on the scope of your project, you can build the teams needed to accomplish all the tasks required. Depending on the type of project, you may require different sets of teams to meet your goals. It would help if you had a design and construction team at the bare minimum, but consider adding other groups as needed.

Permits and Inspections

Pre-construction planning is the perfect time to ensure you have all the permits and inspections required throughout your project to complete it. Planning for these things before you begin will ensure that you don’t run into unnecessary delays further down the road.


During the pre-construction phase, you should plan how your teams will communicate with each other and you to ensure that the project goals are being met on schedule. Consider the best communication methods and how often you will require team meetings.

Steps for Pre-Construction Planning

Once you know what things you will need to consider during pre-construction planning, it’s time to get to work. Here are the steps you will need to keep in mind throughout your project:

  1. Create an Initial Plan

The foundational step of any construction project is to create a plan. This is where you will consider your project’s scope and budget, flesh out early details, and understand what permits and inspections you will need to complete the project. This is also the time to plan how many personnel/teams you will need and create a schedule that lays out the timeline of your project.

  1. Define Roles

Once you’ve created an initial plan, ensure all your teams are on the same page. Define each member’s role in the project, set expectations, create deadlines, and plan meetings to ensure everyone knows what to expect and can get their tasks done promptly.

  1. Track Performance

Just because the pre-construction phase is over doesn’t mean that your planning work is complete. During the entirety of the project, plan time to check in with your teams to make sure you’re staying on schedule and within budget. Track when you hit milestones and share them with your teams to keep everyone motivated. Give coaching as needed.

  1. Complete the Project

Once your project is complete, reference your pre-construction plan and construction notes to evaluate if all your goals were met. Use the time at the end of the project to discuss improvements for future projects with your teams.

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