What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a service where a specialized third-party company provides a property owner or tenant with effective management of any project, schedule, costs, quality, and safety. Some property owners should not be expected to supervise their own projects as they might not have the appropriate experience or expertise. Construction management handled by professionals ensures that any owner can get excellent advice and supervision of any project regardless of their knowledge of construction.

Are you a project owner in need of construction management in Durham, NC? Gateway Building Company has the best contractors and building experts ready to step in and ensure your construction goes smoothly.

What is a Construction Manager?

A construction manager is a professional responsible for supervising and advising contractors on how they can most effectively complete a project. Construction managers often have the final say in how a project is done concerning costs, schedule, and labor. Knowing how to oversee any construction requires a keen eye to protect the owner’s interests and the other stakeholders involved.

Construction management requires specialized training and experience in the various facets of construction. As a result, construction managers must have years of practice in the construction industry before leading any project. Gateway Building Company will help you find the best construction manager for your project from the vast pool of expert personnel on our team.

What Functions Do a Construction Management Team Perform?

As mentioned previously, construction management is a complex field, and construction managers are required to perform various roles in any project. Any manager must be hands-on in all construction aspects to guarantee success. At Gateway Building Company, our construction management teams perform the following functions:


One of the most critical functions of a construction management team is planning a project’s execution. Every project differs from the next due to budget constraints, available labor, architectural designs, and even laws. Therefore, construction managers must develop a viable plan for completing everything according to the owner’s preferences.

Project management teams are also expected to have contingency plans for everything going on in a project since things can go wrong at any time for various reasons that may be out of their control. An experienced construction management team saves you and your project a lot of headaches and time since they take care of all the required planning.


All projects have various moving parts from contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, and local government officials. Each of these parties requires constant communication to keep up with the planned completion schedule. As a result, everyone must be on the same page at all times to avoid unnecessary delays to your construction.

Gateway Building Company has well-trained and experienced construction managers that can deal with all parties smoothly.


As a project owner, you might know what you want and how it should be accomplished, but forming an appropriate budget might be challenging. Our construction management teams have financial experts who can provide a viable working budget that covers all your construction needs. We will help design the best budget plan for your project, combined with our unrivaled construction expertise.


Construction management teams are given the role of supervisors in projects. However, project owners are often too busy with other things to be actively involved in overseeing the construction. Outsourcing that responsibility to qualified construction managers saves you time and headaches as you’ll have more freedom to do other things.

Reviewing & Documenting

As with any other business, construction requires strict documentation of everything. A construction management team comes with several professionals capable of documenting and reviewing everything on a construction site for future reference.

Team Building

Any labor-intensive project requires the commitment and cooperation of all parties involved. Our construction management team is skilled in dealing with workers creating a hospitable environment where everyone feels valued. As a result, our efforts of team building have a direct impact on the success of your project as well as timely completion, avoiding unplanned expenses.

Why Choose A Construction Company With Expertise in all Facets of Construction?

Choosing a construction company with expertise and experience in all facets of construction is vital to the success of your commercial project. Going at it alone or leaving the project to unqualified people can not only be costly but also hinder progress. Having the right construction partner guarantees success, peace of mind, and timely completion of your project.

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